5 Kitchen Design Trends You Can Expect in 2022

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Kitchen Design, Renovation & Remodeling

We are almost two months into a New Year, and everyone is buzzing about
what design trends we can expect to see as we see a surge of home
improvement and renovations across the nation.
Here are five kitchen design trends to watch out for in 2022.

  • Matte white and black modern kitchens with wood accents and black hardware. Try saying that 3 times fast.

As a designer who is drawn toward the minimalist vibe, I am loving this
design combo. When you mix the simple (yet bold) black and white walls
and cabinets with the natural wood material, it brings a touch nature to
a modern space.

  • Kitchens with big windows that invites nature in.

Keeping with the nature theme in 2022, large kitchen windows will be a
trend that I hope sticks around for a long time. These windows allow for
maximum natural light and blur the lines between inside and the outdoors.

  • Paint colors in the Sea Palette.

A few years ago, EVERYONE wanted a white kitchen. And, while I do
love the classic look of white walls, 2022 will be all about creating
calming spaces through paint. We will find the colors inspired from
the Sea Palette to be on the rise! I am here for it. I think we shouldn’t
be afraid to use color in our spaces.

  • Bold colors and subway tiles… but not like your mom’s subway tiles.

A new trend we are seeing is using a longer version of the classic 3×6
subway tile. We are also seeing the tiles installed in a sleek grid pattern, as
shown above.

  • Quartz Countertops.

Thank goodness this trend is here to stay! Quartz is a popular alternative to
granite and marble. Quartz countertops are durable and beautiful with
extensive design options.

Ivey Matos

Ivey Matos

Hi! I'm Ivelisse "Ivey" Matos, owner and lead designer at Divine Designs.In my 18 years of experience as a Professional Kitchen Designer, I've helped hundreds of clients make their "Dream Kitchen" a REALITY.Always with one goal in mind, to form lasting relationships with our clients and transform their lives in the best way possible.

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