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Kitchen Design, Renovation & Remodeling

A mood board is a great way to visualize your ideas when designing your kitchen!

It usually includes major elements like cabinets and countertops to finishing touches like hardware and accessories, and its purpose is to help you create a cohesive look.

Here’s a mood board I put together that is a little different from your typical traditional all-white kitchen. There’s nothing wrong with an all-white kitchen, but I often see people make design choices solely based on “resell.”

Thinking about resell is okay, but at the end of the day, this is YOUR space. I believe your kitchen should be what YOU want, so if YOU like a bold backsplash, do a bold backsplash. Choose design elements that make you excited to be in your space.

For this mood board, I selected a hexagon ceramic tile in indigo called Gashira Hex Indigo Ceramic Tile. I think this tile has so much personality, but the pattern isn’t too overwhelming.

Speaking of tile, I went with the Mallorca Porcelain tiles with a matte finish for the floors.

Now for the jewelry of the kitchen! These are the details that tie everything together in the end. I chose the Trellis Pull from the Belwith Keeler Brand. This pull adds a modern twist to this classic shape and allows for instant sophistication to be introduced to your cabinetry.

Moving on to counter tops! We have a beautiful Eclipse Quartz countertop from the Pompeii Brand with a blend of white and dark grey colors. This selection is timeless and bridges the floor tile color with the walls and cabinets.

Last, but not least, the cabinets I went with are those gorgeous shaker style from Merillat Cabinets in Mist and Night Fall finish.

Ivey Matos

Ivey Matos

Hi! I'm Ivelisse "Ivey" Matos, owner and lead designer at Divine Designs.In my 18 years of experience as a Professional Kitchen Designer, I've helped hundreds of clients make their "Dream Kitchen" a REALITY.Always with one goal in mind, to form lasting relationships with our clients and transform their lives in the best way possible.

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