Kitchen, Tape Measure and Paper …now what!?

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Kitchen Design, Renovation & Remodeling

We all dream about the perfect Kitchen. How it will look, how it will work, and even how it will make us feel.

But, turning the kitchen of your dreams into your real-life dream kitchen can be daunting. Once we take that step toward getting started, the reality hits.

As a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer by the NKBA, I have been designing, renovating, and replacing kitchens for the last 21 years. I can assure you that THE most important step you will take in your kitchen project is… measurements.

Yes, measurements. It’s your starting point, your first action step and foundation. Good, accurate measurements are KEY to any kitchen project. 

To a lot of people, measuring a kitchen will produce a LOT of stress. In my world, having a good set of measurements guarantees a good night’s sleep. So, here, I will give you some pointers that I have learned along the way, so you can feel relaxed while embarking on this new adventure called Kitchen Design.

  • Openings- Windows, Doors, Pass Thru…Oh my! Always measure them fromframe edge to frame edge. Even if you are not adding cabinets around them now, that all can change before completing the project. When I say measure them… REALLY measure them. Width, Height, Top to Ceiling and Bottom to Floor. Get those measurements! You will thank me later. If locations are going to change, highlight those notes in your plan as well.
  • Systems- Plumbing, Electrical & Gas supply systems need to be measured from the center to the closest wall and the distance from floor as well. If locations are going to change, highlight those notes in your plan as well. Always consult with a licensed professional regarding system changes.
  • Ceiling- Measure the distance between the ceiling and the floor. Repeat this step in a couple different places around the kitchen. With the settling and construction conditions, you will face ceiling height variations that will change your plan if you are installing moldings all the way to the ceiling. Always plan for the shorter ceiling measurement.
  • Appliances- I normally measure existing appliances, but I rely more on appliance model numbers because of manufacturer specifications. By going with model numbers, I can get the most accurate measurement and requirements. Not all appliances have the same requirements. As we step in the high-end side of Kitchen Design, you will find variable requirements. That way, you can also plan for new systems (e.g. Electrical, Plumbing or Gas) if needed.
  • Walls- Finally, last but not least, the walls. Measure all walls and angles. Keep an overall dimension, but also measure key elements from one to the other one. This will help confirm the overall dimension.

Happy measuring!

Ivey Matos

Ivey Matos

Hi! I'm Ivelisse "Ivey" Matos, owner and lead designer at Divine Designs.In my 18 years of experience as a Professional Kitchen Designer, I've helped hundreds of clients make their "Dream Kitchen" a REALITY.Always with one goal in mind, to form lasting relationships with our clients and transform their lives in the best way possible.

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