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Kitchen Design, Renovation & Remodeling

There is a huge need in the Kitchen Design industry for professionals who have strong work ethics, are responsible, have a willingness to help, but most importantly a need for professionals that you can TRUST to care about and put the client’s needs first.

I can’t tell you how many people I meet with who have felt “burnt” by the design process. I often meet with clients who have felt frustrated with previous design professionals who were not able to recognize and fulfill the client’s needs. These professionals wasted a lot of the client’s time, money and now the project is way behind and a huge headache for the client.

At Divine Design, we make the client’s needs THE priority. As a Kitchen Designer, one of my first goals when I meet with my clients is to pin-point their needs. And, we have found that, oftentimes all it takes to pin-point the client’s needs is caring enough to have a voice call or face-to-face video meeting.

One call or one video chat could change the whole direction of a project.

That’s what we offer here at Divine Designs. Whether you are already using our Kitchen Design services (we offer a discounted Designer Call on our Kitchen Design projects) or if you come with a design from another company or supplier, this service may be exactly what you need.

These services have especially been a game changer for our Design Clients. Some trade professionals are handling 10+ jobs at the same time, so there is not much room in their schedule to have these one-on-one voice or video calls with their clients. That’s where Divine Designs comes in. We take this load off our Design Client’s shoulders.

If you think your company can benefit from these services or you want to learn more about what we are offering, please reach out to us. We will be happy to serve you!

Designer Call: 30 min $150 (Just a Call no design involved)

Designer Video Meeting: 1 hr $300 (Video Meeting no design involved)

Ivey Matos

Ivey Matos

Hi! I'm Ivelisse "Ivey" Matos, owner and lead designer at Divine Designs.In my 18 years of experience as a Professional Kitchen Designer, I've helped hundreds of clients make their "Dream Kitchen" a REALITY.Always with one goal in mind, to form lasting relationships with our clients and transform their lives in the best way possible.

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