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We all like to entertain, and let’s face it, in today’s day and age the kitchen has become the gathering spot. It’s the hub. The heart of the home. From homework while dinner is being prepared to “girl talks” over a glass of wine, kitchen seating areas play an important role in our Kitchen Design.

Recently, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) updated their guidelines regarding seating areas around the kitchen at fixed work surfaces. Guidelines are there to help us enjoy a space in a functional and secure way, but there will be situations and spaces that will be considered an exception. Let’s talk about some of these guidelines in a general way.

The new unobstructed width for a seating area at a fixed surface it’s now 24” for a seated user and 36” for a wheelchair/mobility-aid seated user.
I get asked all the time, by homeowners and our design accounts, what is the minimum or the required countertop depth for seating areas? This is where we dive deeper into these guidelines.

When you are seated at a 30” high work area you will need a 21” of depth at knee space.

When you are seated at a 36” high work area you will need an 18” of depth at knee space.

When you are seated at a 42” high work area you will need a 15” of depth at knee space.

As a rule of thumb, I always recommend adding under counter support. With these updated guidelines, it’s now more important to incorporate these supports in our seating areas…especially, if no adjacent support is provided.

We always focus fulfilling our client’s need, therefore it’s so important to hire a Kitchen Designer to assist you in your kitchen project. We have all kinds of services that can accommodate from the DIYers to the Full-Service Kitchen Design. Reach out to us so we can find which one of our services best cover your needs.

What other questions do you have about kitchen seating or kitchen design? Comment below! Happy Seating!

Ivey Matos

Ivey Matos

Hi! I'm Ivelisse "Ivey" Matos, owner and lead designer at Divine Designs.In my 18 years of experience as a Professional Kitchen Designer, I've helped hundreds of clients make their "Dream Kitchen" a REALITY.Always with one goal in mind, to form lasting relationships with our clients and transform their lives in the best way possible.

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